David M. Jung – Bio

David M. Jung – Bio

David M. Jung has personally performed 250+ IT-ODD engagements for 70+ Private Equity Firms and has more than 35 years of domestic and international of M&A, management consulting, business ownership, executive management and information technology experience.  See also Linked-In ProfileSpecifically, his experience includes:

  • IT Operational Due Diligence – Founded Aqualis Partners in 2006 and personally arranged as well as conducted all 250+ engagements for 70+ Private Equity Clients.  These engagements diligenced Targets with $1M to $1.8B in annual revenues, including platform, carve-out and add-on transactions within the Business Services, HealthCare, Technology, Construction and Consumer industries as well as Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution and Media/Communications.
  • Prior Experience – With 35+ years of M&A, business ownership, and business and technology management and consulting experience, David Jung has acquired an in-depth knowledge of managing, developing and assessing the IT organizations and business operations associated with both corporate and professional services enterprises. He has successfully leveraged information technology capabilities to achieve significant business and industry transformations, both domestically and internationally. This extensive, hands-on experience provides him with the requisite knowledge to provide private equity clients with a uniquely relevant, understandable and collaborative perspective for each transaction. The dedication of world-class, senior-level experience on each IT-ODD engagement makes Aqualis Advisors unique among the array of potential information technology due diligence providers.  David Jung’s experience prior to Aqualis Partners/Aqualis Advisors is summarized below:
  • Consulting Experience — 35+ years of international and domestic business and information technology consulting experience with global business consulting organizations – Andersen,  BearingPoint,   Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Oracle and Applied Science Associates –  responsible for providing information technology and management consulting services to global companies desiring to improve operations through business process and/or industry transformations requiring an advanced deployment of information technology.

Executive Oversight – Organized and managed Andersen Business Consulting’s SWR Merger Integration Practice.  Consulting Practice Director for Oracle Energy’s Latin America Consulting Services. Co-managed BearingPoint’s Merger Services Practice.

Why is that important to IT-ODD?   Having the requisite experience to understand how information technology capabilities can be practically deployed to solve business problems, increase productivity and leverage corporate competencies to expand revenue generation capabilities – enabling recommendations and findings that can create practical and realizable value.
  • M&A Experience — 30+ years global, cross-industry M&A transaction experience with global industries – including energy, logistics, utility, telecom, manufacturing and financial services, International privatization transaction experience with energy, telecom and  utilities in the MERCOSUR region of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile.  Post-close, consolidation IT Strategy development for global energy companies in response to US Energy Industry deregulation in the 1980-90’s.

Executive Oversight – Principal in Andersen’s Merger Integration practice, as well as a Director in BearingPoint’s Merger Services Practice, leveraging years of domestic and international transaction experience to the development of both Practices’ approaches and methodologies, while leading teams dealing with cross-functional issues associated with complex merger integration planning and execution engagements related to transactions of varying sizes and industries, both domestically and internationally.

Why is that important to IT-ODD?   Each transaction creates anxiety and opportunity for the enterprise and its employees, even if the anticipated change will largely be financial, not operational.  Prior Merger Integration experience, especially a detailed understanding of failed transactions, is why both Aqualis Partners and Aqualis Advisors were founded to focus exclusively on IT-ODD. This results with an understanding of the role that the Target’s IT capabilities will play in the success of the transaction as well as the recognition that Private Equity clients are not interested in hearing that the server configuration could be optimized – enabling recommendations and findings that are focused and relevant to the transaction.
  • Middle Market Executive – Vice President, Strategic Planning with a middle-market global 3rd Party Logistics Company responsible for identifying opportunities for appropriate leveraging of information technology capabilities in order to support day-to-day operations and achieve strategic business objectives.
Why is that important to IT-ODD?   An experienced-based understand the middle-market and the practical potential that appropriate IT capabilities can contribute to a middle-market enterprise with limited CapEx, OpEx and personnel resources is a prerequisite for – enabling recommendations and findings that are practical and relevant.
  • Commercial Software Executive – Industry & Regional Office Executive with   a specialized commercial application software vendor, responsible for architecting the application software products, managing development resources as well as market development and delivery. Industry expert overseeing   the development of the Energy industry’s first Oil & Gas Production Accounting and Gas Marketing applications.
Why is that important to IT-ODD?   Commercial application software is the key component for leveraging information technology at a reasonable expense within a middle-market enterprise. Inside experience with both large and small, niche commercial software vendors facilitates an experienced-based understanding of the complexities and leveragability of key information technology components as well as an experienced-based ability to assess the operational practices of a technology enterprise– enabling findings and recommendations that are practical and relevant to the Target and transaction.
  • Business Owner — Aqualis Advisors, LLC as well as Aqualis Partners, LLC and a residential construction services   consulting franchise owner.
Why is that important to IT-ODD?  
Understand the challenges of managing a business and being responsible for the appropriate dedication of resources to capabilities which will generate tangible cash flow – enables strategic perspectives that are broader than tactical implementations of information technology capabilities.