Focused Due Diligence Services Offering

Focused Due Diligence Services Offering

As a focused due diligence services offering, our strategically-focused IT-ODD advisory services complement financial, legal and other specialized transaction due diligence activities.

  • This approach allows our Private Equity Clients to deploy “best-in-class” due diligence by facilitating the engagement of the best due diligence provider for each discipline.
  • The result is an improved, multifaceted assessment of the Target based on an aggregation of the independent results of each specialized investigation.

Some Private Equity Firms believe that using their financial due diligence “tag-on” IT-DD services results in easier “one-stop-shop” coordination of both financial and IT due diligence activities. However…

  • We can be easily engaged with minimal incremental coordination to provide superior results while minimizing Target personnel’s day-to-day activities. 
  • When engaging a single due diligence services provider, the results from one due diligence activity may influence or bias the results of the other activity when performed by the same provider vs. allowing differing perspectives to be identified for consideration.