Strategically-Focused IT-ODD

Strategically-Focused IT-ODD

What is “Strategically-Focused” Information Technology Operational Due Diligence?

Aqualis Advisors’ “strategically-focused” Informational Technology Operational Due Diligence approach expands upon IT-ODD by not only examining the Target’s current IT capabilities, but rather focusing on the holistic IT capabilities that will be required to achieve the Target’s and Private Equity Client’s jointly defined strategic business growth and operational improvement objectives necessary to increase recurring EBITDA.

This is not a standard approach, methodology or set of tools that is often deployed by a leveraged services model.  Rather it is a forward thinking and experienced-based evaluation of potential opportunities to be realized from an understanding of the status quo as a foundation for achieving ongoing strategic EBITDA enhancement during the portfolio company holding period.

Each engagement is both unique, which requires flexibility in the analysis, and at the same time similar, which requires experience to correlate the parallelisms.  From these contradictory perspectives, unique opportunities to cross-breed ideas are identified as strategic recommendations.