Business & Financial Services

Business, Energy & Financial Services

Aqualis Advisors’ proven unique, strategically-focused proven approach has been utilized to complete 60 Business, Energy & Financial Services engagements in which we reviewed domestic and international Targets with revenues of $4M to $375M, including portfolio add-on transactions, providing a variety of business-to-business services:

Annual Revenues of $5M – $25M

  •   $4M Focused-Delivery Comprehensive-Feature Text Messaging Platform
  •   $5M Healthcare Paging Platform
  •   $6M SaaS-based eDiscovery Services Platform
  •   $7M Regional Healthcare Paging Add-on
  •   $8M Nationally Focused Background Verification Services Platform
  • $10M Oilfield Services Add-on
  • $10M Residential Foundation Engineering & Inspection Services Platform
  • $11M Law Firm Help Desk Support Services Add-on
  • $11M Brand Consultancy and Integrated Healthcare Marketing Agency Platform
  • $12M 2nd-Add-on Commercial Carpet Sales & Installation Business
  • $12M Direct Marketing Services Platform
  • $12M Provider of Foodservice Equipment/Supplies Industry Marketing & Procurement Solutions Platform
  • $12M Provider of Compliance-Approved Retirement-Focused Financial Education Programs for Investment Advisors Platform
  • $13M Nationally Focused Outdoor Marketing Platform
  • $13M Specialized Collection Services Platform
  • $13M Internet Lead Generation Services Platform
  • $14M Voice of the Consumer Services Platform
  • $14M Payroll Processing Outsourcing Services Combination-Platform
  • $15M Financial Services Content Management Platform
  • $15M  Business Personal Property Consulting Platform
  • $16M Onine Asset Auction/TradingMarketplace Platform
  • $19M SaaS-based Legal Spend Management Services Platform
  • $21M College Student Lead Generation/Direct Marketing Services Platform
  • $23M In-Place/On-Site Machining Services Platform

Annual Revenues of $26M – $50M

  • $28M 1st-Add-on Commercial Carpet Sales & Installation Business
  • $29M Agribusiness Supply Platform
  • $30M Nationally Focused Background Verification Services Platform
  • $31M Contingent Workforce Management Carve-Out Add-on
  • $31M Digital & Print Publishing/Lead Generation Platform
  • $31M Digital & Print Publishing/Lead Generation Post-Close Assessment
  • $31M Specialized Collection & Help Desk Support Services Platform
  • $32M Employment Rewards Recognition Products & Services Add-on
  • $32M SaaS-based Foundation & Grants Management Services Platform
  • $33M Waste Handling/Environmental Services Platform
  • $35M Governmental Agency Collections Services Platform
  • $38M Commercial Carpet Sales & Installation Platform
  • $39M Offshore Oilfield Support Services Platform
  • $39M Industrial Engineering Products/Services Add-on
  • $41M Aviation Inspection/Repair Platform
  • $44M Electric Transformer Fabrication/Reconditioning & Rental Services Platform
  • $46M Civil Engineering, Surveying & Planning Platform
  • $47M Synthetic Turf Installation Platform
  • $49M Healthcare Staffing Services Add-on
  • $50M Energy Industry LDAR Services Provider Platform

Annual Revenues of $50M – $375M

  •    $51M Dental Practice Management Add-on
  •    $51M Promotional Products Distribution Platform
  •    $51M Provider of Industrial Powertrain Services for Oil & Gas and Mining Sectors Platform
  •    $53M Website Development & Deployment Software & Services Add-on
  •   £31M UK-based Professional Marketing Services Platform
  •   $61M Oilfield Services Add-on
  •   $62M Revenue Cycle Management Services & Software Platform
  •   $63M Digital Data Security & Recovery Services Platform
  •   $75M Oilfield Drilling Site Construction Services Platform
  •   $75M Commercial Parking Management Services Platform
  •   $85M Global Customer Service/Support & Collections Outsourcing Platform
  • $115M National Provider of Commercial, Residential and Multifamily Restoration, Renovation, Environmental and Roofing Services Platform
  • $130M Industrial Gas & Holding Tank Distribution Platform
  • $140M Facility Maintenance Services Platform
  • $200M Internet Publishing Software & Services Platform
  • $375M Outsourced Accounts Receivable Management (“ARM”) and Customer Care Services Provider Platform