Distribution & Logistics

Distribution & Logistics

Aqualis Advisors’ proven unique, strategically-focused proven approach has been utilized to complete 49 Distribution & Logistics engagements in which we reviewed domestic and international Targets with revenues of $5M to $380M, including portfolio add-on and Combination-Platform transactions:

Annual Revenues of $5M – $100M

  •   $3M After-Market Automotive A/C Parts Distribution Add-on
  •   $5M After-Market Auto Parts Distribution Add-on
  •   $9M First/Last Mile Transportation/Logistics Specialty-Handling Services Add-on
  • $10M After-Market Automotive A/C Parts Distribution Add-on
  • $11M Industrial Carpet Shampooing/Stream Cleaning Products/Services Add-on
  • $15M Distributor of Nickel Alloy Industrial Products Platform
  • $19M Specialty Industrial Products Distributor Add-on
  • $20M Military Hardware Aftermarket Supply Platform
  • $20M Commercial Janitorial Cleaning, Sanitary Maintenance and Packaging Supplies Distributor Add-on
  • $22M Specialty Offshore Manufactured Industrial Products 3PL-Import/Export Platform
  • $24M School & Office Furniture Distribution Add-on
  • $25M Vehicle Parts Distribution Platform
  • $25M Supplier of Custom Souvenir/Gift Products to Tourist Attraction Gift Shops
  • $26M Distributor of Natural Stone Installation Contractor Materials/Supplies Add-on
  • $29M Agribusiness Supply Platform
  • $31M Industrial Products Distributor & Field Service Add-on
  • $32M Employment Rewards Recognition Products & Services Add-on
  • $32M Medical Equipment Distribution Platform
  • $35M Wholesale Building Products Distributor Platform
  • $36M Specialty Industrial Products Distribution Platform
  • $40M After-Market Truck Parts Distribution Add-on
  • $44M Cosmetics Products w/eCommerce Carve-Out Platform
  • $50M Unified Industrial Valve Sales & Service Platform
  • $51M Promotional Products Distribution Platform
  • $52M After-Market Auto Parts Distribution Combination Add-on
  • $52M Emergency Responder Supplies Distribution Platform
  • $56M After-Market Auto Parts Distribution Platform
  • $56M Life Sciences Focused Expedited Logistics Provider Platform
  • $61M Defense & Aviation Focused Distribution Platform
  • $62M Lighting Fixtures Import & Wholesale Distribution Platform
  • $62M Direct (Catalog & Online) Retailer and Distributor of Arborist Tools & Equipment Platform
  • $63M Oil & Gas Extraction Infrastructure Products Manufacturers Representative/Distribution Add-on
  • $65M ($85M-CAD) Consumer Products Distribution Platform
  • $65M Asset-less 3PL/Intermodal Transportation & Logistics Platform
  • $70M After-Market Automotive A/C Parts Distribution Add-on
  • $74M Consumer Products Distribution & eCommerce Services Carve-out Platform
  • $80M Asset-less 3PL/Freight Forwarding Platform
  • $83M Mobile Device Accessory Distributor and Value-Added Service Provider Platform
  • $90M Pet Snack Distribution Company (Post-Close Application Platform Selection)
  • $98M After-Market Auto Parts Distribution Platform

Annual Revenues of $101M – $380M

  • $111M Dental Supplies Distribution Platform
  • $119M Technology-Enabled Plastic Pallet Leasing Bankruptcy Platform
  • $130M Industrial Gas & Holding Tank Distribution Platform
  • $140M Regional/Multi-Location Lumber & Electrical Supply Platform
  • $166M Multi-Location Building Materials Distribution Franchisee Platform
  • $216M Provider of Outsourced Transportation and 3PL Solutions
  • $243M 3rd Party Value-Added Specialty Global Logistics ($1.1B Gross Revenue) Platform
  • $250M+ National Intermodal Logistics Company (Anticipatory IT-ODD)
  • $380M Security Equipment Distribution Combination-Platform