Experience by Annual Revenues – $101M – $1.8B

Experience by Annual Revenues– $101M – $1.8B

  • $103M Nationally Focused Retail Glass Chain Carve-Out Platform
  • $105M Commercial Property Restoration Contractor/Construction Services Add-on
  • $108M Outdoor Cooking Consumer Products Manufacturing Platform
  • $109M Commercial Carpet Manufacturing Carve-Out Platform
  • $110M Dental Products Manufacturing & Distribution Platform
  • $111M Specialty/Petrochemical Manufacturing Platform
  • $111M Dental Supplies Distribution Platform
  • $115M Specialty Global Magnetics Industrial Products Manufacturing Company (Post-Close IT Capabilities Assessment)
  • $115M National Provider of Commercial, Residential and Multifamily Restoration, Renovation, Environmental and Roofing Services Platform
  • $118M Apiculture Products/Equipment Manufacturing & Distribution Platform
  • $119M Technology-Enabled Plastic Pallet Leasing Bankruptcy Platform
  • $128M Manufacturer/Distributor of Feature-Rich Bathtubs & Shower Enclosures Platform
  • $130M Industrial Gas & Holding Tank Distribution Platform
  • $130M Residential Truss and Wall Panel Systems Manufacturing Platform
  • $131M Specialty Foods Manufacturing Platform
  • $136M Leisure-Consumer Products Manufacturing/Distribution Platform
  • $140M Facility Maintenance Services Platform
  • $140M Regional/Multi-Location Lumber & Electrical Supply Platform
  • $150M Light-Industrial Staffing Agency Platform
  • $150M Multi-Location Auto Supply/Salvage Company (Anticipatory IT-ODD)
  • $166M Multi-Location Building Materials Distribution Franchisee Platform
  • $195M Specialty Textile Manufacturing/Distribution Platform
  • $196M Global Refractory Products Manufacturing Platform
  • $198M Specialty Gift Products Platform
  • $200M Internet Publishing Software & Services Platform
  • $204M Specialty Purpose Global Wheel Engineering, Manufacturing & Distribution Platform
  • $216M Provider of Outsourced Transportation and 3PL Solutions
  • $243M 3rd Party Value-Added Specialty Global Logistics ($1.1B Gross Revenue) Platform
  • $244M Branded Food Products Packaging Platform
  • $250M Emergency Care Provider Staffing & Billing Services Post-Close Assessment
  • $250M+ National Intermodal Logistics Company (Anticipatory IT-ODD)
  • $264M Glass Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail Bankruptcy Carve-Out Platform
  • $375M Outsourced Accounts Receivable Management (“ARM”) and Customer Care Services Provider Platform
  • $380M Security Equipment Distribution Combination-Platform
  • $502M Pavement Markings Manufacturer Platform
  •   $1.8B Residential AC Equipment Manufacturing & Distribution Platform

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