Experience by Annual Revenues – $1M – $15M

Experience by Annual Revenues– $1M – $15M

  •   $1M Specialty Education System SaaS Software Vendor Add-on
  •   $1M Educator/Non-Profit Organization Data Management Software Vendor Add-on
  •   $1M University/Campus Life/Activities SaaS/Mobile Platform Vendor Add-on
  •   $2M SasS-based Patient Registry [HIT] Platform
  •   $3M SaaS-based Workers’ Compensation Adjudication Services [HIT] Platform
  •   $3M SaaS-based Medical Provider Credentialing Services [HIT] Company (Pre-Transaction Anticipatory IT-ODD)
  •   $3M After-Market Automotive A/C Parts Distribution Add-on
  •   $4M Focused-Delivery Comprehensive-Feature Text Messaging Platform
  •   $4M Provider/Developer of Shop Floor Productivity ERP-Interfacing Manufacturing Execution Systems (“MES“) Software Add-on
  •   $5M Healthcare Paging Platform
  •   $5M Glass Fabrication & Distribution Carve-out
  •   $5M After-Market Auto Parts Distribution Add-on
  •   $5M Specialized Equipment OEM HVAC Design, Manufacturing & Distribution Add-on
  •   $6M SaaS-based eDiscovery Services Platform
  •   $7M Regional Healthcare Paging Add-on
  •   $8M SaaS-based Healthcare Billing Services [HIT] Platform
  •   $8M SaaS-based Healthcare Billing Services Post-Close Assessment
  •   $8M Nationally Focused Background Verification Services Platform
  •   $8M Natural Minerals Cosmetics Company (Post-Close Application Platform Selection)
  •   $8M WMS Software Products Vendor Add-on
  •   $9M Specialty Consumer Sewing Supplies Add-on
  •   $9M First/Last Mile Transportation/Logistics Specialty-Handling Services Add-on
  • $10M Oilfield Services Add-on
  • $10M Residential Foundation Engineering & Inspection Services Platform
  • $10M Orthopedic Product Manufacturing & Distribution Platform
  • $10M After-Market Automotive A/C Parts Distribution Add-on
  • $11M Art Publishing Platform
  • $11M Photo Processing & Publishing Carve-out Platform
  • $11M Law Firm Help Desk Support Services Add-on
  • $11M Consumer Products Packaging Printing Platform
  • $11M Brand Consultancy and Integrated Healthcare Marketing Agency Platform
  • $11M Industrial Carpet Shampooing/Stream Cleaning Products/Services Add-on
  • $11M Designer, Manufacturer and Marketer of Transaction Window & Drawer Systems Platform
  • $12M 2nd-Add-on Commercial Carpet Sales & Installation Business
  • $12M Direct Marketing Services Platform
  • $12M Provider of Foodservice Equipment/Supplies Industry Marketing & Procurement Solutions Platform
  • $12M Provider of Compliance-Approved Retirement-Focused Financial Education Programs for Investment Advisors Platform
  • $12M Specialty Rope Manufacturing/Distribution add-On
  • $13M Nationally Focused Outdoor Marketing Platform
  • $13M Specialized Collection Services Platform
  • $13M Internet Lead Generation Services Platform
  • $14M Voice of the Consumer Services Platform
  • $14M Specialty Oilfield Valve Fittings Fabrication Platform
  • $14M Payroll Processing Outsourcing Services Combination-Platform
  • $15M Bridge Decking Fabrication/Manufacturing Carve-Out Platform
  • $15M Financial Services Content Management Platform
  • $15M Distributor of Nickel Alloy Industrial Products Platform
  • $15M EDI/Data Capture Software Company Add-on
  • $15M  Business Personal Property Consulting Platform
  • $15M Provider of Financial Expert Testimony Services Platform

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