Aqualis Advisors’ proven unique, strategically-focused proven approach has been utilized to complete 25 Healthcare Services & Products engagements in which we reviewed domestic and international Targets with revenues of $2M to $250M, including portfolio add-on transactions, providing a variety of healthcare related services and products:

Annual Revenues of $2M – $50M

  •   $2M SasS-based Patient Registry [HIT] Platform
  •   $3M SaaS-based Workers’ Compensation Adjudication Services [HIT] Platform
  •   $3M SaaS-based Medical Provider Credentialing Services Company (Pre-Close Anticipatory IT-ODD)
  •   $5M Healthcare Paging Platform
  •   $7M Regional Healthcare Paging Add-on
  •   $8M SaaS-based Healthcare Billing Services [HIT] Platform
  •   $8M SaaS-based Healthcare Billing Services Post-Close Assessment
  • $10M Orthopedic Product Manufacturing & Distribution Platform
  • $16M Medical & Dental Practice Platform
  • $20M Thermoelectric Thermal Management Medical Device Manufacturing Platform
  • $23M Institutional Pharmacy Platform
  • $27M Healthcare/HIT Data Analytics Software Development Platform
  • $30M Home Health Care Delivery Services Platform
  • $35M SaaS-based Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Services Platform
  • $38M Home Health Care Delivery Services Platform
  • $48M Healthcare Telecommunications Software Products Platform
  • $49M Healthcare Staffing Services Add-on

Annual Revenues of $50M – $250M

  • $51M Dental Practice Management Add-on
  • $51M Specialty Services Pharmacy Platform
  • $61M Healthcare Staffing Services Carve-out Platform
  • $62M Revenue Cycle Management Services & Software Platform
  • $75M Specialty Retail Pharmacy Platform
  • $87M Medical Device Reprocessing Services Platform
  • $110M Dental Products Manufacturing & Distribution Platform
  • $250M Emergency Care Provider Staffing & Billing Services Post-Close Assessment