Media & Communications

Media & Communications

Aqualis Advisors’ proven unique, strategically-focused proven approach has been utilized to complete 14 Media & Communications engagements in which we reviewed domestic and international Targets with revenues of $4M to $200M, including portfolio add-on transactions, providing content through a variety of channels and/or providing related marketing and communication professional services:

Annual Revenues of $4M – $50M

  •   $4M Focused-Delivery Comprehensive-Feature Text Messaging Platform
  •   $5M Healthcare Paging Platform
  •   $7M Regional Healthcare Paging Add-on
  • $11M Art Publishing Platform
  • $11M Photo Processing & Publishing Carve-out Platform
  • $11M Brand Consultancy and Integrated Healthcare Marketing Agency Platform
  • $12M Millennial-Women-Targeted Media Company Platform
  • $13M Nationally Focused Outdoor Marketing Platform
  • $15M Financial Services Content Management Platform
  • $30M Consumer Content Publication & Electronic Retail Platform
  • $31M Digital & Print Publishing/Lead Generation Platform
  • $31M Digital & Print Publishing/Lead Generation Post-Close Assessment

Annual Revenues of $51M – $200M

  •   £31M UK-based Professional Marketing Services Platform
  • $200M Internet Publishing Software & Services Platform