Unique Offering

Unique Offering

What makes Aqualis Advisors unique?

Private Equity Firms and their portfolio companies may obtain IT-ODD services from several potential providers, including IT-Due Diligence “tag-on” services from financial due diligence providers, IT consultancies offering IT-Due Diligence services, former corporate IT personnel, IT Leadership within an existing portfolio company – or Aqualis Advisors.

Among these options, Aqualis Advisors is uniquely positioned to best provide strategically-focused IT-ODD advisory services for the following three reasons:

  1. Our leadership exclusively performs all of our engagements.  We bring more than 35+ years of Senior Partner-level experience to every IT-ODD engagement – including 15+ years of experience specifically performing IT-ODD on 275+ middle-market companies for 70+ Private Equity Firms. – (Click here for more discussion.)
  2. Our exclusive focus is to provide independent, unbiased, strategically-focused IT-ODD advisory services related to Private Equity-sponsored Middle-Market  Transactions. – (Click here for more discussion.)
  3. Our fixed-fee IT-ODD advisory services includes our judgment and perspectives based on what IT capabilities should be there to support current and future business growth, including EBITDA improvements, not just what actually exists. – (Click here for more discussion.)