Fixed-Fee Services

Fixed-Fee Services

3.   Our fixed-fee IT-ODD services includes our judgment and perspectives based on what IT capabilities should be there to support current and future business growth, including EBITDA improvements, not just what actually exists.

Our judgment is rendered through our IT-ODD findings and the basis of those findings as well as our commentary and suggestions, which is exactly how our IT-ODD Final Report is structured.  We are not “selling” our time, our methodology or the representations of our brand.

Since we understand what needs to happen on a middle-market IT-ODD engagement, we are able to determine the fixed-fee and absorb the risk that will arise with each transaction.  We never seek to pass that risk back to our Private Equity Clients by performing Time & Materials-Fee engagements.

All of our fixed-fee strategically-focused IT-ODD engagements are arranged and conducted by our leadership that has:

    • Participated in the evolution of information technology as a corporate resource over the last 35+ years.
    • Relevant middle-market executive experience dealing with IT deployment issues, practice leadership experience within global consulting firms providing M&A and IT-related management consulting services and commercial application software company practice leadership experience.
    • Learned from experiences associated with both successes and failures with corporate information technology deployments.

By comparison, typical financial due diligence and IT consultancy staffing, with an average of 7-10 years of experience with recent IT issues, simply cannot have had the time to gain comparable experience.

How can you believe in the findings and suggestions of resources with inadequate experience?