Implementation of Findings

Implementation of Findings

Your IT-ODD analysis will generate observations and suggestions for improvement. Will you also oversee the implementation of your findings?

Yes – At the request of the Private Equity Client or portfolio company executive management, we will provide oversight assistance to successfully implement our IT-ODD recommendations.  As necessary, we may also suggest independent external advisors and/or commercial providers that may be adequately positioned to successfully implement the recommendations.

In fact, on more than several occasions, generally in association with carve-out transactions, we have actually dedicated significant efforts to work with our Private Equity Clients and Target management and/or designated personnel to implement our findings and recommendations – as part of our standard IT-ODD engagement fixed-fee.

However, our policy is that we do not actively seek to develop follow-on services as a primary source of our revenue generation activities.

    • 35+ years of business and information technology consulting experience confirms that seeking follow-on services contradicts any due diligence provider’s ability to be truly unbiased and independent.
    • Implementation of IT-related recommendations is the “bread and butter” of any IT consulting practice – it is simply where all the money is, but it is not the money we want.