IT-ODD for Targets with Minimal IT Capabilities

IT-ODD for Targets with Minimal IT Capabilities

Our investments are usually in lower middle-market enterprises, often manufacturing or distribution (i.e., not high-tech) businesses with minimal IT complexities. Why would we need Aqualis Advisors’ services?

Information Technology is the enabler for achieving corporate growth and operational performance improvements – including EBITDA improvements.

    • All businesses in all industries must appropriately leverage information technology in today’s global economy in order to achieve business growth and improved operational performance.
    • The ready and/or acceptable availability of requested information  from the Target during Transaction Due Diligence activities is not a relevant or accurate measure for determining the adequacy of the Target’s IT capabilities.

Our comprehensive, strategically-focused IT-ODD capabilities assessment can be provided on either a Pre or Post close basis to facilitate transaction budget considerations.

Our specific-issue IT-ODD findings and recommendations are designed to assist our Private Equity Clients and their portfolio companies with identification and resolution of relevant IT-related transaction concerns, often associated with custom application development or inadequate business application deployments – either of which could inhibit ongoing EBITDA improvements.