Integration Planning Advisory Services

Integration Planning Advisory Services

Aqualis Advisors provides the following pre and/or post-close Integration Planning advisory services which are tailored to the specific circumstances and nature of the transaction:

Operational Integration Planning Advisory Services — Pre and/or Post Close

The IT capabilities of the merging enterprises play a critical role in the integration of business operations. As may be requested by our Private Equity Clients, we are available to leverage our relevant M&A experience to assist with Integration Planning efforts by validating the sufficiency and practicality of the developed Integration Plans, especially with regard to the impact the IT capabilities may have on accomplishing the defined plans and realization of any defined synergies.

Post-Close Add-on Integration Complexity IT Assessment Advisory Services —

In add-on transactions, or in the case where two Targets are being acquired to create a platform company, our core strategically focused IT-ODD advisory services are expanded to assesses the IT capabilities of both companies as a sufficient platform for supporting existing operations and enabling defined, strategic growth objectives relative to the envisioned post-combination enterprise.

In both cases, our assessment includes an analysis of the anticipated complexities of combining the business operations which may be impacted by the existing IT capabilities of the entities.

IT-related transaction risks and documentation are assessed, with remedial recommendations identified.

A written report of findings and recommendations is generated and Site Visits to the facilities of the acquired companies are conducted in order to validate the actual deployment of the aggregated available IT capabilities.