Technology Focused IT-ODD Services

Technology Focused IT-ODD Services

How is Information Technology Operational Due Diligence (IT-ODD) different between Technology Services Targets vs. Non-Technology Services Targets?

The focus of IT-ODD on a technology services Target (which is focused on software products, information technology services, Internet offerings, etc. excluding the manufacturing and distribution of technology hardware equipment) is expanded beyond the core review of the deployment of IT infrastructure, application and operations capabilities of an enterprise which typically has an IT department and/or expense classification (non-technology services company).

While those necessary issues will be assessed, with a technology-services Target,  the primary focus of IT-ODD is to determine the effectiveness of the enterprise’s technology services revenue generation activities, including the management of software product development activities, real-time provisioning of capacity and SaaS services, resource development and competency management, operating practices (i.e., including the inherent protection of developed intellectual capital within those practices).

Our strategically-focused, technology services IT-ODD advisory services leverage our prior software development and practice management leadership experience to ascertain that the Target’s internal practices and structures deploy sufficient mechanisms to support a growing business model with increasing margins.